Introductory Award in Computerised Accounting based on Xero

If you are experienced in manual bookkeeping and want to take your skills into the 21st century, our Introductory Award in Computerised Accounting is the course for you. Its the perfect starting point for people who want to improve their job prospects by gaining knowledge of how to carry out various finance and administration duties using computerised accounting packages, or for those who simply want to freshen up and gain recognition for their skills.

We have built our course around Xero which is a brand leader in cloud accounting software utilised around the world. It is important to note that our course covers the core requirements required by AAT to achieve a their qualification at this level but also includes hints, tips and a comprehensive training guide for existing or new user of Xero. This AAT course also includes a segment on Microsoft Excel, giving you a introductory knowledge of creating spreadsheets in Excel.

This qualification is also known as AAT Level 1 Award in Computerised Accounting.

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